How To Run The Sunday School Live Stream


Let’s change the title for the stream. This is very important because if you do not change the title, it will be set at the last event that we streamed. To change the title, you need to go into our streaming providers website, Restream. Here is where you do that:

Once you click on the Restream icon, you will most likely be greeted by this pesky referral page. Let’s get back to the dashboard to be able to change the titles. Click this icon in the top left corner to go to the Restream dashboard.

Once we are at the dashboard, we can now finally change the titles. Click on the “Update Titles” button to do so.

Now, type in your desired title and description. This could be the topic of your class, the scripture the lesson is based on, or simply Sunday School followed by the date. In the image, I just put some test material. Once you are finished with your title and description, select the “Update All” button.

If you did everything correctly, you should see your new titles here:

Now, we are ready to go live!


Now that we have changed the titles, it is time to go live. So click on the iPad’s home button to return to the home screen and click on the Streamlab’s OBS app.

Once you are inside the app, there are some meticulous things that we have to get right in order for this to work. First, MAKE SURE IT IS UNMUTED. This is what it will look like if it is muted.

If it is blacked out and says “Muted”, tap the icon to make it green. If it is unmuted, it should say “Mute audio”, which means you are good to go!

Now, click on the “GO LIVE” button, it is almost that time.

Once you have clicked on the green “GO LIVE” button, you will see this screen, click on the “Select a platform” dropdown.

Once you click there, click on the “Custom RTMP Server” option.

You will see this “Stream title” page. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS. This does not change the titles, so do not worry about what it says. Click the “GO LIVE” green button below it. Once you click this, you will be live on Facebook and YouTube, so make sure you are ready!

To make sure you are live, you will see the red “STOP” button at the bottom and the info bar at the top showing the time you have been live, the number of viewers, and other information.

When you are ready to stop the stream at the end of your class, click the red “STOP” button as shown in the above image, this will bring you to this page. Again, click the “STOP” button to stop streaming.

Once you click that button, you are done! You can close the app, turn off the iPad, and enjoy the day!


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